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INDIA TODAY has been reporting India's society, its triumphs and its despair, over the past 25 years. It was during the Kargil conflict of 1999 that simple reporting wasn't enough. Whenever stories of disasters were published, offers for help from readers came flooding in, but there was never an opportunity to properly tap this wellspring of goodwill. So on August 1999, the INDIA TODAY group set up
CARE TODAY, a registered society. It's mandate is simple: use financial contributions from readers of INDIA TODAY to address problems, and report back on the progress made through the pages of the magazine, and now through this web site. Encouraged by the overwhelming response for the Kargil project, CARE TODAY then launched the Hope for Orissa fund after a supercyclone devastated that state. Contributions for both funds topped Rs one crore and are now closed, though rehabilitation work continues apace.


The Day The Earth Moved

CARE TODAY has worked on tragedies like the Kargil War, the Orissa cyclone and
the drought. Now another big tragedy has hit the country. As the people of
Gujarat struggle to cope with the ravages of the devastating earthquake,
CARE TODAY offers readers an opportunity to lend a hand.


Hope For Survivors

As the people of Gujarat struggle to cope with the destruction caused by
the devastating earth quake, CARE TODAY offers readers a chance to lend
them a hand.


New Foundations

CARE TODAY sponsored a medical team that provided succour in the smaller villages in Kutch. Readers can help thousands of others cruelly robbed of home and livelihood by the earthquake.

Mending lives

They performed surgeries in tents, catered to 300-400 patients a day and tackled a multitude of ailments. But more than anything, the CARE TODAY-sponsored medical team injected hope.

Strategic Partners

With the emphasis in Gujarat shifting from relief to rehabilitation, CARE TODAY zeroes in on local NGOs which will help it channelise aid to the worst-hit victims of the earthquake.


Progress Report

The generous response of our readers enabled CARE TODAY to collect Rs 2,72,04,009 by March 19, 2001 for those affected by the earthquake in Gujarat. The "CARE TODAY Fund A/c Rebuilding Gujarat Fund" now stands closed. Please do not send any more contributions. Plus: CARE TODAY lists the contributions of Rs 5,000 and above to the different funds received up to March 19, 2001.


Looking To A New Tomorrow

CARE TODAY plans to build low-cost model villages, provide funds for building social infrastructure as well as extend support to individuals whose lives were shattered by the January 26 earthquake. Plus some of the contributions of Rs 5,000 and above received till February 22, 2001.


Reconstructing Lives

As part of an effort to rebuild the spirits of the worst-hit individuals, care today gave widowed Ratiben Govindbhai, a mother of five, an initial grant of Rs 5,000 and set up a fixed deposit of Rs 75,000 for a three-year period that will ensure her a monthly income of Rs 600 for nutritional expenses. Five others have also been given grants of Rs 5,000 and Rs 75,000 each will be deposited in their names. CARE TODAY has set aside Rs 16 lakh to support a total of 20 such cases. The society is partnering the Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan in building 450 houses for Rs 2.16 crore. The construction of the first 150 houses will begin in August. The building of a school at Aadariyana, for which care today contributed Rs 5 lakh to the Eklavya Education Society, is under way and students will begin their classes this term in a completed section. Also, with the return of a large number of paraplegics to their villages after treatment in Mumbai, Pune and other places, there is a need to offer them long-term rehabilitation packages. We are discussing the possibility of such a project with Abhiyan.

Rebuilding Gujarat - 2001

Care Today thanks all the donors for their contributions.
This project is closed and we are not seeking donations for this project.

Using total donations of Rs. 3.5 crore we supported the following projects Deployment of Medical. Teams Construction of 520 houses Construction of libraries in two schools Maintenance support to 30 families.

For further details please contact:
C. Balaji Singh/ Harini Audi